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Prospect Training



Lead generation is in the Youtech DNA. We started from the simple act of picking up the phone and calling 100 companies a day to pitch website development. The Youtech footprint has since extended nationally and accrued millions in revenue, all the while growing more sophisticated in our lead generation methods.

Our passion is helping all kinds of companies reach their full potential. Youtech’s lead generation team has spent thousands of hours generating quality leads within various industries. What we’ve learned are transferable, valuable prospecting techniques that can be used to improve your in-house sales talent and help boost sales opportunities from outbound prospecting.

We specialize in all of the following essential sales techniques:

Enterprise Prospecting Training
Lead generation and inbound qualification training
Teleprospecting training
In-house inside sales training
Insource/Inside sales consulting and management
Incentive compensation strategies
CRM adoption and measurement


In order to be successful, you need to surround yourself with the right people. Youtech will also analyze and recruit for crucial personnel roles and sales processes specific to your company. We will assemble a team of sales associates that embodies your sales goals, staffing needs, and overall company mission at every turn.

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