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Search Engine Marketing & Pay-Per-Click (SEM & PPC)

The search is over.

As search engines like Google become better and better at giving the user exactly what they’re looking for in the moment they’re looking for it, ads on these platforms are following suit. With extensive keyword match-type & audience targeting, great pay-per-click ads are often one of the most effective forms of paid advertising.

Combine search ads with display or video and you have the perfect recipe for increased brand awareness leading to more search clicks when the time comes and the user is actively searching.


We get results.

Ads, not fads

Sending ads through today’s most engaging and popular media channels – display, video, and social media – is the most direct way to get in front of potential customers, particularly in a mobile-first world. Once we know who has interacted with your ads, we can remarket and retarget those people to keep your brand fresh in their minds.


Great for generating awareness. Display ads are shown on other websites & in apps, not in search results.


Again, a great awareness play. Video can be used on landing pages as well to augment other channels. Most video advertising is done on YouTube, and because YouTube is a Google product, the two share data between channels, so any user who sees a Google Display, video, or search ad can be placed in an audience for further observation or remarketing.

Social Media

We’ve had success with social media for in the past, but this channel is becoming more “pay-to-play” by the day. Again, good for awareness and promoting offers, but not as effective as a bottom-of-the-funnel marketing tactic.


There are 3 main channels we use for remarketing: Google, Facebook, and Programmatic. All of these involve placing pixels on the website to pick up visiting user data, then showing them ads on the respective platforms in regards to where they’re currently at in the funnel. We filter out users who have already converted.

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