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Trade Shows

Make lasting connections

Industry-specific trade shows are one of the best and most influential ways to make a lasting impact on a targeted audience. There are three ways to make a memorable, in-person impression at a trade show:

Presentation/Speaking Engagement

Put the ‘work’ in network

Trade shows are the Super Bowl of networking opportunities. Besides pulling someone aside and speaking with he or she directly, there are a number of ways to create valuable interactions and grow your contacts. We’ll assist in setting the tone for your business at trade shows, speaking engagements, and seminars to start off on the right foot (or left, whatever works).


A well-made trade show booth or exhibition is exponentially better than one of the unremarkable variety.

Meeting Spaces
Booth design
Promotional items
Video creation


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Plan of attack
Meeting spaces
Creative marketing
Promo items
Business cards

Presentation/Speaking Engagement

Positioning yourself as a thought leader within an industry is excellent not only for the added exposure but networking and building trust. Hubspot’s inbound methodology focuses on engaging potential prospects before delighting them, and a skillfully crafted presentation has the opportunity to both engage & delight at the same time.

Identifying speaking opportunities
Coaching you through the RFP process
Conducting research & development for your presentation
Designing your final presentation

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