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What Are LinkedIn Demographics and How Do I Use Them?

Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving break. I know I did. Ate a lot of turkey and mashed potatoes, napped, watched football—go Bears!—but now we are back with episode 13 of #WeBuildWednesdays! This week’s episode is “What are LinkedIn Website Demographics?” and, as a bonus, I’m going to show you how to install the Insight Tag that allows you to access it, as well.


What Are LinkedIn Website Demographics?

So, to get started, take a look at my screen here. This is going to give you a visual as to how it breaks down. This tool is similar to Google Analytics, but it’s even more similar to the Facebook Audience Insights pixel.

Basically, what this is going to do is allow you to see LinkedIn type data for your website visitors, and that’s where it differs from the other two platforms that I just mentioned. You can see “Industry,” you can see “Job Title,” you can see “Seniority,” “Company Names,” you can do conversion tracking within LinkedIn, demographics. All those kinds of things that you can’t really see within Google Analytics, this is going to provide for you. So it’s valuable in the sense that you can tell, for example, when director-level people are really attracted to certain portions of your content but they’re not as attracted to other areas of your content. What can you do to beef up your content on those other channels so that it matches the directors that you’re trying to target? It’ll allow you to figure those kinds of things out, so it’s very valuable in that sense.

LinkedIn has rolled this out completely for free, which is awesome. The catch is that they make you create an ad account to use it, but that’s just a little hoop you have to jump through, nothing crazy. You don’t have to actually run any ads or anything like that. What you do have to do, though, is install the LinkedIn Insight Tag.

Now, this is just a pixel, it’s JavaScript. It goes in your website and I’ll show you how to do it in just one second here, but it’s important to note that it takes about 24 hours to start collecting data and you need 300 LinkedIn members to hit your website for data to populate, so depending on how many website hits you get, that’s how quickly it’ll start transmitting data, too.


How to Set Up a LinkedIn Insight Tag

So, without further ado, in order to set this up, you’re going to go to LinkedIn. I’ve already had a tab open here to save some time. This is my personal LinkedIn page. What I’ve done is I clicked on “Work” up here at the top and right above my head here, you can click on “Advertise,” which will open up a new tab that brings you here. So, once you get here, you just click this nice CTA “Create Ad” and that will bring you to a LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Once you get here, you go into your account—I just created a sample one called Youtech—and you’re going to click on Website Demographics. This is where your data will normally populate once you have it, but since I just created this new account, what it’s going to do is show you the pixel, which is the code, and it’s going to give you a little bit of information on how to install that into your website.

Now, depending on what your CMS is, you may or may not be able to do this. If your site is WordPress, no problem. If it’s Magento or Shopify, no problem. But if it’s Weebly or if it’s Squarespace, you might have a little bit of trouble with it. What you have to do is click on “Set Up Your Insight Tag,” which will take you to the actual JavaScript, and from there, it’s just copy and paste. It gives you instructions on where you want to put this in the body of your site’s HTML, right above the body of your site’s HTML, or you could put it in the header or footer. You might get knocked a little bit as far as Google speed tests go by putting it in the header, but it really isn’t going to impact too much.

And that’s about it! This is the LinkedIn Insight Tag, which gives you information on LinkedIn Website Demographics. So, if you’re a Youtech customer and you’re interested in doing this, just reach out to your project manager. We’ll get it set up for you, no problem, and we will talk to you a little bit more about how it works. If you’re not someone who currently works with us, this is kind of a step-by-step on how to do it yourself.

So thank you very much! This is #WeBuildWednesdays episode 13 and this is “What are LinkedIn Website Demographics and How Do You Use Them?”


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